An extra pair of eyes

Maybe you are an advertising agency who has a huge website to launch next week and your Account Handlers are too busy to trawl through it with a fine toothed comb?

Or a writer who has reread your piece of work so many times you can’t see the forest for the trees anymore?

Or even a business looking for some help writing some marketing copy?

Either way, get in touch to discuss your requirements.


The process

Whether the original source material is a typed Word document or a fully artworked piece of marketing, Maddie will mark up any errors and inconsistencies in a clear and simple manner, using internationally recognised proofreading symbols if requested.

The material can then be provided back either as a hard copy in the post (if time requires and the client requests this) or most likely as a scanned-in PDF attachment sent as an email.


A flexible service

Having spent her career working in the advertising industry, Maddie understands that the large majority of work is passed from agency to supplier at the end of the working day. With flexible working hours, Maddie has the ability to work into the evening, which means that, provided the job is of an appropriate size, she could have the proofed material in her client’s email inbox by the start of the next working day. How’s that for a convenient and flexible service!


A 24-hour international office?

Global time differences can be a wonderful thing! Imagine a scenario where an agency or firm in Australia completes a website by close of play their time, but needs it proofread before the big launch the following day. Maddie’s flexible working hour approach means they can simply email the details to her and she can set to work on it at what is now the start of the working day in the UK. Having Maddie and her ‘virtual global office’ on hand means the working day doesn’t have to end for your company.