Maddie is a perfectionist. She has an excellent grasp of the English language and is thorough and dedicated to getting the job done right. The work would be delivered on time, on budget and perfect – there are few people that can make such a claim. I would hire her again and again and again . . .”

Michelle LeClercq, Head of Direct Marketing, 3 Mobile.

“The fact that Maddie decided to forge a career as a Proofreader was the least surprising news I’d ever heard. Her natural eagle eye for each and every detail was renowned across the agency when we worked together. I would trust her every time to deliver work with zero errors. In fact, during our time together, the Quality Control on her accounts rose to a perfect record. If you want word perfect work, Maddie definitely possesses the required obsessive compulsive qualities you’re after.”

Xavier Rees, Deputy Managing Director, Targetbase Claydon Heeley.

“I worked with Maddie for over 2 years and she is an excellent proofreader. She thoroughly checks every piece of work for grammar and typos, and whether the piece is a poster or a 40-page brochure, it gets the same attention to detail. Maddie has worked in high-pressured environments and on extremely fast-paced accounts (such as Sky), and her organisation and reliability means that she delivers every time. I can thoroughly recommend her services.”

Sarah Lipscombe, Client Services Director, Digital And Direct.

“I had the pleasure of working with Maddie in 2009 when I was one of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Maddie to anyone looking for great attention to detail and 100% accuracy. Plus Maddie is a fantastic person to work with and I consider myself lucky to be able to count her now as a friend as well as an ex-colleague.”

Clare Rayment, Marketing Manager, 3 Mobile.

“Maddie is meticulous in her proofreading and attention to detail. Nuffin (Nothing) will escape her scrutiny.”

Bruce Mackay, Managing Director, Grey Worldwide Canberra.