The proof is in the pudding

Maddie is a Brighton-based professional freelance proofreader who has a thorough grasp of the English language, microscopic attention to detail, and incredibly high standards when it comes to consistency of language and design, typos and English grammar.

She has spent the past 14 years finding needles in advertising and marketing haystacks for a range of global clients, having worked as an Account Director at a variety of well respected advertising agencies in London, Brighton, Sydney and Canberra.

Having spent her career in the advertising industry, Maddie understands the nature of deadlines and the importance of meeting them at all costs, so will provide you with a very quick proofreading turnaround in plenty of time for your deadline day.

Maddie works across a wide range of projects, including websites, brochures, articles, fliers, ads, publications, essays, dissertations, manuscripts and business proposals, to name a few.

Whether you have a typed copy-only document, or a fully-designed piece of marketing material, let Maddie’s eagle eyes ensure your work is correct, consistent, professional and well presented. She will proofread the text letter by letter and word by word to check for typos, punctuation, grammar, context and design consistency. No job is too big or too small.

Maddie is also a blogger, freelance journalist and copywriter and can help you with your writing project, whatever it may be.

For more information on Maddie and her fine toothed comb, contact her at today.